YouTube star and After Effects guru Olufemii shares 10 after effects scripts that do all the work for you and calls it "Lazy VFX"! Includes:  Decompose TextReposition Anchor Pointpt_ShiftLayersEase and WizzExplode Shape LayersLayers2GridKeytweakpt_FrameRestorer and GifGun

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Author Notes

Learn the best After Effects Scripts to help you do amazing creative work faster. These scripts do all the work!

00:00:00 Intro

00:00:55 How To Animate Letters or Words  Individually

00:02:07 How To Reposition The Anchor Point

00:03:15 How To Quickly Stagger Layers

00:03:52 How To Quickly Scale Composition

00:04:42 How To Do Easy Easing Better

00:06:08 How To Explode Shape Layers

00:06:44 How To Quickly Arrange Layers

00:07:16 How To Work With Masks

00:09:18 How To Fix Dropped Frames

00:10:08 How To Create A GIF in After Effects


**Top 10 After Effects Scripts**

10.Decompose Text

9. Reposition Anchor Point

8. Pt_ShiftLayers

7. Scale Composition (pre installed in After Effects)

6. Ease and Wizz

5. Explode Shape Layers

4. Layers2Grid

3. Keytweak

2. PT_FrameRestorer

1. GifGun

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