Very cool intro video and title animations for the Game Developers Choice Awards and Independent Games Festival 2014 using Plexus, Data Glitch and more by



Tools used

Author Notes

I did the intro videos for the IGF and Game Developer's choice awards that were shown at the 2014 Game Developer's conference this week!

The one requirement of this intro video was to do some sort of 3D tracking with live action footage. I created 10 category bumpers for the actual awards show with various pieces of stock footage, and repurposed those shots into an intro sequence.

The GDCA video makes EXTENSIVE use of Plexus 2, Data Glitch, Separate RGB, along with Element 3D, Trapcode Mir, and Magic bullet mojo/looks.

The IGF video is a little more light on the tools from this site, but it also uses a TON of ease and whiz and the animated typeface ISOTYPE along with Trapcode Form, particular, echospace, Element 3D and Magic bullet looks

Hope you enjoy them! :D

Game Developers Choice Awards 2014 Intro Video by
Music by Stephen Gilarde
Sound Design by Jordan Fehr:


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