Fantastic hybrid stop-motion spot using Mocha ProEaseCopyImmigration and pt_ShiftLayers by In The Thicket

Behind the scenes

Tools used

Author Notes

All the elements were modelled in Maya, then transported into Pepakura to unwrap, print and fold and the majority of the props. Dragon Frame was used to capture all the stop motion animated elements with Canon 5d on 24, 35 and 50mm L-Series primes. All digital sequences were animated in Maya and rendered with Vray. Compositing and Editing in After Effects. Plugins used include Mocha Pro, EaseCopy, Immigration, pt_ShiftLayers and Keylight.

Director - Peter Nizic
Executive Producer - Stephan Renard
Producer - Sharon Lim
Cinematography - Ben Lindberg
Stop-motion animation - Peter Nizic
Props - Peter Nizic, Terrence O'Brien, Kavi Jarrot, Antony Miller, Ailisha Sabalburo, Seth Laster, Stephen Favaloro, Dani Martin, Stephan Renard
3d Modelling and animation - Seth Laster and Ailisha Sabalburo
3d Lighting and Rendering - Dylan Neill
Edit and Compositing - Peter Nizic
Rotoscoping - Terrence O'Brien
Storyboards and animatic - Melanie Shin
Sound Design & Mix - Todd Falusi 


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