Fantastic opening titles by Mowe using KbarEaseCopyLabels and more in After Effects for the 2019 Anymotion conference which we were proud sponsors of again this year. Includes process breakdown.

Tools used

Author Notes

Anymotion is the biggest Motion Graphics event in Latin America and we had the honor of being invited to create the Opening title for their 2019 edition.

For this project, we received the best and most difficult briefing possible: Surprise Me!
The result? We created an Opening Title for a fake anime-inspired series called Anymotion, where our motion heroes fight against the stillness of the world, bringing life and movement to everything that surrounds us.

Curious about the process behind it? Check out the case study at

Presented during Anymotion Conference, in São Paulo, Brazil on November 15, 2019.

Storyboard: Mayumi Takahashi, Raff Marques
Creative Direction: Felippe Silveira
Art Direction: Raff Marques
Production: Laís Abreu
Illustration: Mayumi Takahashi, Diego Leal
Animation: Pedro de Britto, Diego Leal
Cel Animation: André Dias, Guilherme Gurian
Music: Vinicius Kleinsorgen
Lyrics: William Masao Watanabe
Singers: Mariana Coelho, Julie Yukari


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