Explainer created using Explode Shape LayersRay Dynamic ColorAfterCodecsGifGunEaseCopy in After Effects by Adrian Moran

Tools used

Author Notes

Made with a mix of techniques, translating 3D scenes form Cinema 4D to inside of After Effects to add the character animations and secondary animation.

The illustrations were made in illustrator. And for the first part I made the 3D scene simulating the illustration with sketch and Toon shaders inside of Cinema 4D.
Then I brought the camera animation and some nulls to be able to add the character animation and the plants in After Effects, they were animate it with shape layers.

I didn't use many plugins on this one almost everything is shape layer animatons, animated frame by frame, but I'm sure I used "Easy Copy", I cannot live with it, "Ray Dyamic color", "After Codecs", "GifGun" and the most important one "ExplodeShapeLayers".

The concept of the video is to show all the services of the company, through a real story of a family that Eres help to move from Japan to France.
Is showing the journey of the family through all the process from the paper work until they are already in their new house.
Eres help them to get the VISA to work, to move all their possessions, get a new place to live...

The main creative challenge involved was to create a seamless camera movement from scene to scene doing smoth transitions between them.
The most difficult part was to get a nice blend between 3D and 2D and maintain the same style.

Illustrations: Drasik Studio
Animation: Adrián Morán



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