OFFF St. Petersburg 2014 Main Titles

Posted in Particles After Effects Design Inspiration Cinema 4D by aescripts + aeplugins on July 10, 2014

Amazing work from the Mill.  Lloyd Alvarez had the privilege to collaborate with the Mill and an amazing team on this project.

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Down The Hill - Title Sequence

Posted in Particles After Effects Inspiration Live Action by aescripts + aeplugins on January 31, 2014

Title sequence "inspired" by Art of Flight but nicely executed using Plexus.

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The Art of Flight Plexus Titles Tutorial

Posted in Particles After Effects Tutorials by Gardner Raymond on January 15, 2014

Gardner Raymond shows us how to use Plexus to make the awesome titles from the Art of Flight movie.

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Create Glitchy Type

Posted in Animation After Effects Design Tutorials by Lloyd Alvarez on March 27, 2012

This mini-tutorial shows how to quickly create a glitchy type animation that can be composited on top of other footage.  Great for title sequences or mal-functioning computer displays.

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'Art of Flight' Title Sequence Loves Plexus

Posted in Animation Particles After Effects Design Interviews by aescripts + aeplugins on November 17, 2011

"The Art of Flight" is a landmark achievement in action sports filmmaking with an equally impressive title sequence. The design and production of the title sequence which uses Plexus throughout was led by creative director Chris Murphy who granted us an interview that we are very happy to share with you here. Read On.

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