The School of Motion Alumni annual holiday card created with  Ray Dynamic TextureRay Dynamic ColorFlowLimberJoysticks 'n SlidersEaseCopyMadita Animated TypefaceKeysmithPQ Grit KitExplode Shape LayersGood ParentsSuper LinesYY Ramp+ and more organized by Traci Brinling

Tools used

Author Notes

4th year running the alumni from school of motion joined me in creating a holiday "card" collaboration. This year 87 alumni submitted work!

We also want to give special thanks to obviously the School of Motion, as this would not have been possible without the amazing community they have built with animator all over the world, and Wes Slover and his team at Sono Sanctus for helping with the sound design and PremiumBeat for some music.

Also as usual, Ewa Niedbala for the amazing title designs that I got the privilege to animate!
As for the submissions, please see below for the list of credits in order they appear.
Abbie Bacilla | memes
Ada Skowronek | time (cooking/eating together)
Alejandro Perez | Nochebuenas
Alena Hovorkova | Dreams
Alexandra Fertig | Business Cards
Alixe Lobato | Energy in MOTION
Anne Saint-Louis | Love
António Mendes | Keyframes
Ariel Magnes | Light
Ash Knoll | BBQ
Athena Karper | Blanket
Beata Szóstak | Light
Benjamin Du | Secret Formula
Blade Sabovcik | Air
Chelsea Winot | Magic
Coralie Legrand | Light
Daniele Cagnoli | Mindfulness
Daria Klimova | Treats
Déborah Rodrigues | wonders of the world
Doreen Voltine | Turkey's Legs
Drew Levin | Marshmallows
Drew Wiebe | toboggan
Eddy van der Lee | Laughs
Emma Elizabeth | ice
Erandhi Ranawake | More Gifts
Erich Nemcek | aloha
Ewa Niedbala | wisdom
Fiona Velasco | Controller
François Pezron | motion
Gilda Taffet | Floss
Greg Jackson | Wasted
Greg Stern | gifts
Griffin Thomps | Riddle
Heather McNabb | Reindeer Games
Jackie Gould | Gelt
Jake Williams | Ham
Jeremy Rech | Happy Cat Tails
Jeri Bailer | cheer
Jessica Daoud | Sanitizer
Jonathan Hunt | TV Remote
Julie Faussard | Boop!
Jung Yuen Shin | happy moment
Justin Owens | long drives
Justin Peterson | Ride
Kabo Lam | Gifts
Karen Fantasia | Jello mold
Keith Morrissey | Joy
Kenneth Hendren | Good books & whiskey
Kirsty Drummond | BBQ
Laurent Mathieu | Pixels
Lisa Clyne | love
Logan Pinney | Gifts & Christmas Tree Bauble Decorations
Logan Pinney | Turtles
Madison Shaw | hugs!
Mair Perkins | Robins
Mathaias Schmid | chai tea
Nassib El Mourabet | Belly Fat
Neus Vich | WiFi
Nicole Koncz | Feast
Oliver Schwinn | gospel
Ollie Mamaril | Ice Skates
Onur Nidayi | Laughter
Patrick German | cosy nights
Patti Glenn | Fruitcake
Philippe Moesch | Food
Prik Korver | Christmas Particles
Roberta Scialla | Knowledge
Rusty McMillan | Ghost of Holidays Past
Sandra Clua | awareness
Sandra Tournemille | Cheers
Sarah Ryan | cross-stitch
Scott Dintelman | M&Ms
Sherene Strausberg | Fire
Steph Knowles | Ice cream
Stephanie Schaffler | Hot Chocolate (with marshmellows)
Steven Houston | Hot Chocolate
Thomas Hays | Recipe
Timo Klein | lovin'
Traci Brinling Osowski | Remote
Travis Blake | Snow
Tristan Henry-Wilson | Affection
Valeria Favrod | Bubble Tea
Vishal Varghese | Earth
Vivi Feng | Surprise
Will O'Connell | holiday snacks
Zach Youse | Booze

Download the files to see the awesomeness and a peak behind the curtain!

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