Great explainer created using PQ Grit KitJoysticks 'n SlidersEase CopyExplode Shape LayersRiftLazyRenderHogsKBarQuick Delete & Reset and more in After Effects by Fortnight Post

Tools used

Author Notes

We used:

PQ Grit Kit for textures

Joysticks n Sliders for the characters

EaseCopy throughout, but especially to quickly make the machine parts work in harmony by matching eases

ExplodeShapeLayers 3 to break apart the design boards

KBar to save presets of common machine animations

Rift, to randomize machine part start and end times (layers & keyframes)

Lazy, to disperse machine parts animations in a more controlled way

RenderHogs to enable and disable layers in some of the huge comps with all of the wires

Quick Delete & Reset when an animation just wasn’t looking right and for batch disabling expressions 

These tools are invaluable. I can’t imagine doing this project without them. Thanks for doing what you do! 


Inside every game is a hidden machine.

Directed by Nolan James
Produced by Fortnight Post
Design, Script, & Animation: Nolan James
Narration & Additional Script Help: Erica Hernandez
Animation & Sound: Trevor Walker
Music: Marc Torch / Epidemic Sound


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