Awesome graphics for Google's CES presence using Layer StalkerDeep GlowPins & BoxesSquash & StretchRay Dynamic ColorAE Global Renamer 2Long ShadowBAO BoaFlowAfter EaseKEYboardTextEvo and many more by Gerald Mark Soto  for Brand New School

Tools used

Author Notes

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Hey Google, let’s go have fun at CES again.
Brand New School were tasked to create content for screens located throughout the Las Vegas strip and for a 70+ foot custom built screen headlining the google playground (exterior booth) at CES 2019. The custom built screen had two doors protruding from where a roller coaster would emerge every 2 minutes.  My responsibilities were to lead the 2D animation team, develop and direct the motion language for all graphics utilized throughout the animation process and animate a configuration of products on one of the largest exterior screens on Harmon Avenue, Las Vegas. Naoko Hara was invaluable arranging and finalizing content for the booth before being handed off to Unity based company Red Paper Heart. An on-site team was necessary to assure all assets were ready for use as well as coming up with new content on request. The bulk of the content for the booth visuals were twenty 3D vignettes that were designed and produced at Brand New School. The booth sampler was arranged and developed by Naoko Hara.


Animation, After Effects Automation, Project Manager of 2D Animation

Scripts Used:

Layer Stalker, Rift, Keysmith, OCD Renamer, Deep Glow, Pins & Boxes, Precomp Anchor Repo, Squash & Stretch, Sortie, EasyCopy, Labels 3, Ray Dynamic Color, Obsessive Layers, Hooker, AE Global Renamer 2, Add Parented Null to Selected Layers, Long Shadow, Bao Boa, RepositionAnchorPoint, Ease and Wizz, Flow, After Ease, KEYboard, BG Renderer, versionUp, Immigration, TextEvo


Creative Directors: Jonathan Notaro, Bucky Fukumoto
Art Director: Andres Rivera
Designers: Jonathan Notaro, Bucky Fukomoto, Abigal Oh, Andres Rivera, Corey Lanelotti, Emeric, Darius
Producers: Johnna MacArthur, Brian Friel, Lucas Ajemian, Felicia Tsiokos
Lead Animator: Gerald Mark Soto
Animators: Gerald Mark Soto, Gavin Shaprio, Naoko Hara, Paul Yung Jae Suh, Jaime Flores, Gina Lee, Lu Liu, Pedro Piccinini, Reina Hamane, Seong Yeop Sim, Halim Kim
Nuke & 3D: Rusto Wootton, Jeff Bryson, Dan Bradham, Danish Jamil,  Tom Alex Buch, Sarah Bocket, Phillip Massimino, Paulo Dias, Paolo Cogliati, Mirelle Underwood, Ken Music, Jared Eng, HeeJin Kim, Gerard Andal, Kyle Andal, Fred Kim, Yinan Xiong, Krista Albert, Jeff Dragon & many more. 

Complete booth content managed by: Red Paper Heart
Client: Google
Made at Brand New School


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