Fun holiday short created using  Fast Bokeh ProTrue Comp DuplicatorLabelsObsessive LayersEase Copy in After Effects by Ritzy Animation. Includes making of breakdown.


Author Notes

Making of:

‘RED’ is the horny tale of Rudolph as you’ve never seen him before.
Once a legend, hero, and leader of the pack, he now lives alone in a trailer on the outskirts of the North Pole.

After watching a documentary charting his fall from grace, a fired up Red decides to make the ultimate comeback and reclaim his spot as the King of Deers. Cue a ‘Rocky’ style montage and heaps of deer gags as we witness the sheer power and determination of the world’s most famous reindeer.

In a film bursting with testosterone, carrot smoothies, and 80’s inspired hoof-wear, ‘RED’ is the result of over 2 years of blood, sweat and beers.

Lock yourself in for a hairy ride!


Animation Studio: Ritzy Animation
Directed by: ‘Two Jeffs’
Design: Dan Edgley, Theresa Haas, Claire Thimon
Storyboards: Adam Beer, Dan Edgley
Modelling and Texturing: Maddalena Delvecchio, Davide Sasselli, Dan Edgley
Rigging: Vasil Shotarov
Layout and Animation: Jessica Kersey-Preston, Dan Edgley, Marta Pevida, Tom Stratford
Look Development: Charlie Batho
Lighting: Charlie Batho, Tom Flavelle
Compositing: Charlie Batho, Tom Flavelle, Dan Edgley
Rendering: Yellowdog -
Sound: Box Of Toys Audio -
Vocals: Marcello Music -




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