Amazing work from Jayse Hansen using tons of aescripts + aeplugins tools.

Tools used

Author Notes

I personally used the crap out of many aescripts + aeplugins tools - including some built by Zack Lovatt (who I worked with on Robocop) with my requests specific to the needs of Ender's Game such as Create Pivotal Null and tweaks to Explode Layer Shapes. I now use those all the time.
Separate RGB is perfect for making the graphics more holographic. Immigration is my go to for managing image sequences. BGRenderer was a life saver as it always is. Michael Delaney's Keysmith and Rift are faves, and along with Alan Eddie's fantastic Isolate AED, are permanent residents in my After Effects UI. They get used every other minute. Kevin from Elementary also was cool enough to implement a lot of my crazy requests which allowed me to do Ender's tablet gyros all inside After Effects with Element 3d.  
You can see them in the first images of my breakdowns on my site
Anyway man - wanted to send some love to the aescripts + aeplugins family! You guys rock!


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