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Tools used

Author Notes

Some highlights from all the fun I've had the last 4 years

All work designed and animated by me, except:

Gimi: Illustrations by Kim Dion-Laplante
The Game Awards: Co-designed and co-animated with Jeroen Krielaars

Blue Foundation were kind enough to lend me their track "Enemy"


00:07 Novartis: CML
00:09 Museum of Copenhagen Suburbs
00:10 Introduction to Justt
00:11 Kammeradvokaten: Digital Footprints - Data
00:13 Novartis: CML
00:14 The Game Awards
00:15 9 Squares x Animography
00:17 Kammeradvokaten: Digital Footprints - Personal Brand
00:19 The Danish healthcare professionals: Sex Education
00:21 Animography: Okomito Trailer
00:24 Blue Foundation: Logo animation
00:25 Kammeradvokaten: Digital Footprints - Photos
00:26 Novartis: CML
00:28 IWDK: Opening Titles 2015
00:29 Animography: Friction Trailer
00:31 Kammeradvokaten: Digital Footprints - Digital Business Card
00:34 Animography: Mobilo
00:34 Kammeradvokaten: Intro
00:36 Kammeradvokaten: Digital Footprints - Search
00:39 IWDK: Opening Titles 2014
00:41 The Danish healthcare professionals: Sex Education
00:41 Kammeradvokaten: Digital Footprints - Photos
00:43 Novartis: Heart Failure
00:46 Koda: Digital Christmas Card
00:50 NiceLabel: DMS
00:53 Swipp: Intro video
00:54 Gimi: Intro video
00:55 Justt: Intro video
00:57 Kammeradvokaten: Digital Footprints - Personal Brand
01:02 Animography: Friction
01:04 IWDK: Opening Titles 2015
01:06 Gimi: Intro video
01:08 Justt: Intro video
01:11 NiceLabel: DMS
01:14 Justt: Intro video
01:16 Animography: Okomito



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